Mar 27

A lot of old stuff tonight. At least more than usual. New release from Propagandhi and some local RVA punk goodness.

Playlist (artist/song/label):

minor threat/salad days/dischord • cloak/dagger/runways/jade tree • johnny thunders & the heartbreakers/one track mind/jungle • rocket from the crypt/bring us bullets/vagrant • bad brains/banned in d.c./roir • propagandhi/supporting caste/smallman • druglords of the avenues/there's nothing really going on/red scare • jayne county & the electric chairs/bad in bed/rpm • wipers/mystery/zeno • shaking hands/liars are for punching/a.d.d. • vaginasore jr/baldilocks/a.d.d. • septic twins/what's your story/demo • scotch greens/professional/drt • for science/swan song/it's alive! • no brass/sixers on the beach/demo • pagans/nowhere to run/crypt • weirdos/helium bar/frontier • g.b.h./sick boy/castle • d.o.a/the prisoner/sudden death • descendents/suburban home/sst • powerchords/i think i'm gonna.../single screen • chron gen/jet boy jet girl/razor • mission of burma/the set up/matador • subway sect/nobody's scared/motion • deep lust/mass teens on the runs/kill rock stars • les thugs/poison head/sub pop • wat tyler/poems on the underground/lookout! • plastiscines/loser/caroline • abrasive wheels/just another punk band/anagram • good luck/west wind ride/sr • channel 43/looking down/demo • landmines/turn it up turn it down/paper or plastick • pink razors/nosecrets/houseplant •  • dwarves/is there anybody out there/tee pee • let me run/live grenades/xoxo • stranglers/london lady/ua • hellacopters/bring it on home/liquor and poker • loved ones/the inquirer/fat wreck chords • marked men/blew my head/dirtnap • n.y. dolls/punishing world/all blacks b.v. • buzzcocks/noise annoys/emi • dickies/nights in white satin/captain oi! • circle jerks/wild in the streets/porterhouse


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Mar 20

Last week's show didn't record properly, so it was not available for podcast. Sorry. This week's show features both old and new, as usual, with a new release by Left Alone and some old scratchy vinyls from the 70's and 80's. I ran into my old Slickee Boys mate, John Hansen at RW's birthday party in D.C. We had a discussion about what the best D.C punk single of all time was. Both of our choices are played on the show. I play mine every week on my show, but I play his almost every week. I also played what may be the first ever hardcore record (1978)? Give it a listen. RW had another PC issue, so the first 25 minutes of this show did not get recorded. Sorry. -Dan

Playlist (artist/song/label):

minor threat/salad days/dischord • left alone/branded/hellcat • les hatepinks/my city is sick of pizza/tko • ruts/babylon is burning/emi • young livers/non monumental/no idea • parasites/ronnie is a psycho/go-kart • stitches/my baby hates me/vinyl dog • ramones/commando/sire • boys/i don't care/taang! • off with their heads/i am you/no idea • have nots/poisoned antidote/bankshot • heart attacks/you oughta know by now/hellcat • monikers/holiday/kiss of death • sleeper agent/the sound/demo • 7 door sedan/everything in the world/two sixty ac • tommy & the terrors/gorilla song/tko • voodoo glow skulls/fire in the dancehall/victory • smartbomb/crucial times/think fast! • virgins/wwzd/kiss of death • lagwagon/b side/fat wreck chords • gray matter/burn no bridges/dischord • bad brains/pay to cum/bad brain • low flying owls/va va voom/alive • peer pressure/eve of destruction/resistance • hot snakes/us mint/swami • middle class/out of vogue/joke • ergs!/i'm in trouble/dirtnap • bare jr./you blew me off/sony • dark meat/one more trip/vice • celibate rifles/let's get married/hot • adverts/bored teenagers/devil's own jukebox • coathangers/toomerhead/suicide squeeze • killer barbies/what u wanna do/drakkar • pere ubu/final solution/umg • dead to me/by the throat/fat wreck chords • measure (sa)/union pool/kiss of death • devo/gut feeling/slap your mammy/wb • ninja gun/eight miles out/suburban home • glass & ashes/bird's eye view/no idea • dopamines/fun tags/it's alive! • operation ivy/sound system/hellcat

Mar 06

Ok, my playlist got deleted from the station computer, so I had to recreate it. Crazy weather week in RVA. Eight inches of snow and temperatures as low as 10 degrees. It's now 70 degrees and it's going to be 80 degrees Sunday. Hopefully my show wasn't as up and down as the temperatures. -Dan

Playlist (artist/song/label):

minor threat/salad days/dischord • madison bloodbath/drunkasaurus rex/a.d.d. • american steel/razorblades/fat wreck chords • business/smash the discos/taang! • f*cked up/mustaa lunta/matador • flatliners/meanwhile, in hell.../fat wreck chords • ergs!/only babies cry/dirtnap • replacements/color me impressed/twin tone (duh!-hootenanny LP) • dead to me/arrhythmic palpitations/fat wreck chords • menzingers/a lesson in the abuse of information technology/go-kart • avail/simple song/jade tree • chris wollard & the ship thieves/no exception/no idea • landmines/excess and indifferent/paper & plastick •bow wow wow/sexy eiffel tower/cleopatra • mopes/my heart won't bleed for you/lookout! • brainworms/lottery balls/rorschach • antlers/water tupelo/rorschach • marked men/fortune/dirtnap • o pioneers!!!/stressing the f*ck out/kiss of death • daycare swindlers/some die young/vile beat • radio birdman/aloha steve & danno/sub pop •tossers/never enough/victory • riot before/we are wild stallions/say 10 • strap-ons/punk pioneer/valiant death • laylons/roman candle firefight/sr • good luck/west wind ride/sr • in the red/unlaced/suburban home • les breastfeeders/funny funiculaire/blow the fuse • have nots/anchor for a drowning man/bankshot • fear/new york is alright, if you like saxophones/slash • less than jake/gainesville/sleep it off • chinese telephones/i can't be right/it's alive! • briefs/medication/crystal • real kids/better be good/red star • civit/all i want/hellcat • chixdiggit/spanish fever/honest don's deep pockets • wipers/d-7/zeno • suicidal tendencies/institutionalized/frontier • strike anywhere/dead hours/fat wreck chords • automatic 7/40 blocks/mental •friendly fire/floodplane/sr • hives/a get together to tear it apart/burning heart

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