Feb 05

Tonight, a tribute to a huge rock 'n' roll hero of mine on the 1st anniversary of his passing. I was lucky enough to have met Lux and Ivy when playing a handful of gigs with the Cramps in the early punk days in the band I played in, the Slickee Boys. One year ago tonight, when I heard the news that Lux had died, I cried like a baby. I read about it at work on a web site. On the hour long drive home, I was remembering Lux and the crazy things he did onstage and his wonderful personality and wit. With each memory, I noticed I had a smile on my face cutting through and squeezing away the tears. This is how I will always remember Lux. He put many smiles on many faces during his lifetime! The anniversary fell on the night I do my show, so I saw this as a sign. I asked Kogar the Swinging Ape, one of the biggest Cramps fans and a man who has produced 13 volumes of Lux and Ivy's favorite songs to share with the world to give me the material for a proper tribute. He came through with flying colors and the result is in the music, interviews, horror movie clips, etc. contained in this show. Fantastic stuff!!! Visit Kogar's blog and say thanks. He has given all of the great lost rock 'n' roll religious relics that Lux and Ivy so cherished new life. i was coming down with the flu when I did the show and apologize for incorrectly stating that Mad Mike was a Cleveland dj. Of course, he was a legendary Pittsburgh, PA dj. Also, I forgot to back announce Ron Thompson's Switchblade.


lux intro - cramps/human fly • symbols/do the zombie • lux and ivy intro-marvin rainwater/hot and cold • fat daddy holmes/where yo is • movie excerpt/phantom of soho • polka dot slim/a thing you gotta face • sidney jo lewis/boppin' to grandfather's clock • lux and ivy intro-garbageman • lux intro-guitar wolf/planet of the wolves • vocaleers/cootie snap • movie excerpt/devil on wheels • cramps/faster pussycat (live) • pretty things/come see me • lux intro-musical linn twins/rockin out the blues • saxons/camel walk • lux intro-television/psychotic reaction • crescents/pink dominos • lux intro-cramps/she said • bob lee/wanted for questioning • lux intro-cramps/call of the wighat • movie teaser/blood feast • ron thompson/switchblade • johnny cash/five minutes to live • lux intro-cramps/tv set • movie excerpt/devil on wheels • collins kids/whistle bait • hong kongs/surfin' in the china sea • june wilkinson & mamie van doren/bikini with no top on top • aircheck/mad daddy • cramps/the mad daddy • ghoulardi & the ghoul/ghoulardi surf • mad mike and the maniacs/the hunch • john and jackie/little girl • lux intro-phantom/love me • lux intro-cramps/god damned rock 'n' roll • pepsi commercial/patio twist • lux intro-mummies/shut down • movie excerpt/voodoo • cramps/voodoo idol • original starfires/fender bender • movie excerpt/deranged • cramps/what's behind the mask • dean carter/jailhouse rock • 13th floor elevators/your gonna miss me • billy storm and the charades/flamingos • charlie feathers/it's just that song

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