Aug 31

I filled in for Will again on the 12 Fluid Ounces Show. Always a fun time. If you like these tunes, check out Kogar's blog on my links section. Many of these tracks are from his fabulous Lux & Ivy's Favorites comps.


johnny fortune/dragster • johnny burnette & the rock 'n' roll trio • collins kids/i'm in my teens • tex rubinowitz/no club (lone wolf) • ronnie allen/juvenile delinquent• lancers/take me to your leader • larry donn/honey bun • misty bonner/i can't sit still • gar bacon/there's gonna be rockin' tonight • puddle jumpers/snake charmer • ronnie dawson/action packed • vern pullens/bop crazy baby • gene maltais/crazy baby • versatones/tight skirt tight sweater • medallions/behind the door • marketettes/out of limits • kieth corvale/trapped love • five blobs/the blob • billy ward & the dominos/jennie lee • impalas/oh what a fool • eddie bond/flip flop mama • scarlets/stampede • symbols/do the zombie • jimmy stewart/rock on the moon • strangers/catapillar crawl • ray sharpe/linda lu • crescents/pink dominos • doc starkes & the nite riders/pretty plaid skirt (and long black sox) • jackie lee cochran/georgia lee brown • cherokees/uprising • chiefs/apache • citations/moon race • del saints/tarzan • buddy holly rave on • chips/rubber biscuits • bunny paul/history • carl perkins/blue suade shoes • laura lee perkins/oh la baby • peggy griffith/rockin' the blues • sparkletones/cotton pickin' rocker • janis martin/bang bang • davis sisters/rockabye boogie • wanda jackson/rock your baby • jean shepard/jeopardy • ben jo zeppa/topsy turvy • roy gaines/right now baby • jackie cannon/chill bumps • ray scott/bopping wig wam willie • sandy scott/shake it up • 3 aces and a joker/booze party • link wray/fatback • lee castle & the jimmy dorsey orchestra

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Aug 20

Tonight, some tunes from bands playing Best Friend's Day weekend here in RVA. Forgot to back announce Tim Barry's "Downtown VCU" from his awesome 28th & Stonewall LP from this year. Tim is playing the 10am show on Saturday at Fine Foods. Jeez, I can't imagine what Tim looks like at 10am! I will be working the WRIR table at the Sunday BFD show at Gallery 5. Stop by and say hey. All you RVA wogs have a safe and memorable BFD weekend!!!


minor threat/salad days/dischord • fear of lipstick/correction facility/it's alive! • measure (sa)/hit the ground running/kiss of death • banner pilot/greenwood/fat wreck • johnny thunders & the heartbreakers/one track mind/jungle • dopamines/cincinatti harmony/paper + plastick • broadway calls/to the sheets/sideonedummy • deep sleep/manic euphoria/grave mistake • cloak/dagger/don't need a/jade tree • off with their heads/zzyzx/epitaph • loved ones/the inquirer/fat wreck chords • tim barry/downtown vcu/suburban home • leatherface/never say goodbye/no idea • sundials/hidden books/sr • zero boys/civilizations dying/secretly canadian • government warning/killing for fun/grave mistake • jakkpot/burnin' in '77/twenty stone blatt • grabass charlestons/dale/no idea • damned/new rose/stiff • peer pressure/eve of destruction/resistance • smartbomb/crucial times/think fast! • delay/dark red courage/salinas • street dogs/tobe has a drinking problem/brass tacks • mumps/crocodile tears/bomp • good luck/how to live here/sr • riot before/what i've missed/paper + plastick • revelevens/baltimore fire/sr • queers/psycho over you/suburban home • dickies/if stuart could talk/overground • defiance ohio/her majesty's midwestern islands/no idea • parasites/ronnie is a psycho/go kart • mcrad/mcshred/beware • faction/skate & destroy/beer city • leftovers/nothing to do/rally • avengers/the american in me/dbk • avail/scuffletown/jade tree • jam/all around the world/polydor • american steel/safe and sound/fat wreck • les hatepinks/should i kill myself or go jogging?/tko • hextalls/castle crashers/rally • for science/swan song/it's alive! • landmines/turn it up, tear it down/paper + plastick • dwarves/is their anybody out there?/tee pee • inquisition/uproar/pop a wheelie • frank turner/try this at home/live in wrir studios 2-21-10

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Aug 06

WRIR "DJ in training", Chaz joins me and takes over the mic.

Playlist (artist/song/label):

minor threat/salad days/dischord • accelerators/ready set go/stardumb • creteens/we need a change/boom chick • crime in stereo/small skeletal/bridge nine • clorox girls/the one/smart guy • cro-mags/show you no mercy/profile • lost sounds/i'm not a machine/empty • crumbs/down at churchills/insubordination • ty segall/i'm so alone/goner • dopamines/dick simmons/paper + plastick • slapshot/chameleon/smart guy • candy hearts/blocking the sunshine/sr • nobunny/chuck berry holiday/1234 go • revelevens/punk rock show/sr • psychotic pineapple/i want her so bad/redrum • night birds/prognosis: negative/grave mistake-dirtnap • pussy galore/dick johnson/emi • riverboat gamblers/dissdissdisskisskisskiss/volcom • avengers/i want in/lookout • richard hell & the voidoids/blank generation/sire • masshysteri/masshysteri del tva/feral ward • riot before/what i've missed/paper + plastick • reatards/i was a fool/lost • rippers/my brown friend/slovenly • spider/witch cookie/sr • riverdales/heart out of season/asian man • roman line/dawn after the wreck/merman • gun club/ghost on the highway/rhino • jetty boys/reflectors/rally • human beings/sedatives/taken by surprise • killer barbies/what u wanna do/drakkar • ramones/bad brain/sire • neon blud/neon agenda/fan death • have nots/poisoned antidote/sr • indigesti/doppio confronto/vacation house • government warning/killing for fun/grave mistake • oblivians/strong come on/crypt • government issue/teenager in a box/dr. strange • brain flannel/symptom set/sr • gorilla biscuits/start today/revelation • retainers/waste of time/fashionable idiots • cortinas/fascist dictator/step forward • gories/charm bag/crypt • off with their heads/i need you/epitaph • busy signals/just 4 show/dirtnap • cops/invisible city/mt. fuji • screeching weasel/cindy's on methadone • copyrights/days of despair/it's alive • potential johns/need you/pizza pizza

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