Aug 01

80's hits and rarities with guest dj Robbie White, aka "The Colonel"


Robbie White with 2 tickets to the 80's

artist / song:

kim wilde / water on glass

jam / set the house ablaze

chords / maybe tomorrow

single bullet theory / keep it tight

robin lane & the chartbusters / send me an angel

katrina and the waves / red wine and whiskey

xtc / senses working overtime

beatnick flies / daze of apple wine

velvet monkeys / world of

steve martin / mad at my mother

insect surfers / i'm im gear

blotto / i wanna be a lifeguard

kirsty maccoll / he's on the beach

utopia / trapped

utopia / love in action

squeeze / quintessence

flo & eddie / we are all gumby

fleshtones / american beat

martha and the muffins / women around the world at work

lords of the new church / new church

frank zappa / the meek shall inherit nothing

monsoon / ever so lonely

ronnie spector / something's gonna happen

bangles / how is air up there

dolly mixture / everything and more

tpoh / hard to laugh

dbs / black and white

ramones / do you remember rock 'n' roll radio?

adolescents / amoeba

dogs / too much class for the neighbourhood

ian gomm / hooked on love

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