Nov 06

Playlist (artist/song/label):

minor threat/salad days/dischord • anti-flag/police state in the usa/new red archives • marked men/blew my head/dirtnap • disorder/air raid/ace • street dogs/tobe has a drinking problem/brass tacks • ducky boys/boston, usa/thorp • have nots/anchor for a drowning man/sr • Short interview with Jon Cauztik from Boston's the Have Nots • have nots/poisoned antidote/sr • cloak/dagger/deathbed rebels/jade tree • easy grip/the end of the world/bad news • jakkpot/safetyblades and razor pins/twenty stone blatt • paint it black/panic/jade tree • bad brains/pay to cum/bad brain • wasted time/and so it goes/grave mistake • dead boys/sonic reducer/bomp! • hold tight!/ready to go/sr • 999/fun thing/anagram • landmines/ditchdigger/paper + plastick • jello biafra & the guantanimo school of medicine/new feudalism/alternative tentacles • avail/scuffletown/jade tree zero boys/livin' in the 80's/secretly canadian • career suicide/quarantined/deranged • nothington/another day/byo • this black box/against the odds/forcefield • rubber city rebels/laugh/smog veil • shook ones/smrt/revelation • bomb/spaceman/no idea • eddie & the hotrods/teenage depression/captain oi! • north lincoln/spy/no idea • rancid/killing zone/epitaph • freeze/talking bombs/dr. strange • jayne county & the electric chairs/bad in bed/rpm • ruts/s.u.s./emi • strike anywhere/the crossing/bridge nine • shaking hands/liars are for punching/a.d.d. • no friends/loaded question/no idea • american steel/razorblades/fat wreck chords • time again/lines are faded/hellcat • government issue/time to escape/dr. strange

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