Jan 28

Robbie White returns with more 80's gems and rarities...


artist / song:

original cast of "don't play us cheap" /saturday night

martha hull / fujiama mama

bob e rock / humes senior high

eddie angel / rampage

wanktones / shortnin' bread

dave van allen / i'm gonna sit right down and mail myself to elvis

tex rubinowitz and the bad boys / bad boy

dogs / never come back

pleasurehead / catholic guilt

ramones / mental hell

revillos / bobby come back

jam / start

josie cotton / johhny are you queer?

bow wow wow / i want candy

jags / back of my hand

smitherines / blood & roses

stranglers / golden brown

tpoh / i'm an adult now

joan jett & the blackhearts / bad reputation

frank zappa / sharleena

frank zappa / republican medley

cramps / new kind of kick

fleshtones / new scene

fuzztones / 1-2-5

cynics / get away girl

plan 9 / flashback

nrbq / captain lou albano

marshall crenshaw / cynical girl

bongos / numbers with wings

utopia / princess of the universe

lambrettas / beat boys in the jet age

xtc / respectable street

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