Apr 11

Monsoon, Department S, Jill Solbule, Martin Newell and more...


Martha Hull & the Steady Jobs - First Time 7" - Wasp Records MS7, 1982

Robbie White does the 80's Show with me once again!

artist / song:

manitoba's wild kingdom / the party starts now

barracudas / i wish it could be 1965 again

dogs / hey belinda

stranglers / skin deep

rollins band / earache my eye

wanktones / vuelve primavera

martha hull & the steady jobs / i wanna burn out

ratso / it ain't easy being cool

bruce springstone / flinstones

cramps / new kind of kick

beastie boys / fight for your right to party

smitherines / only a memory

billy bremner / loud music in cars

human sexual response / jackie onassis

godfathers / cold turkey

damned / help

pretenders / not a second time

monsoon / tomorrow never knows

spongetones / eloquent spokesman

big country / in a big country

martin mull / men

leroi brothers / pretty little lights of town

david johansen / we gotta get outta this place

dept s / is vic there

jill solbule / in living color

marshall crenshaw / the usual thing

ramones / danny says

xtc / ball & chain

dukes of stratosphere / vanishing girl

martin newell / julia profumo

utopia / love is the answer

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