Sep 04

Tex Rubinowitz, Dirty Looks, Lyres, Elevators and more...

Once again, Robbie White comes down to WRIR to play the hits and rarities of the 1980s.


Saturday Night Is Partying Time

Joe King Carrasco & the Crowns: Party Weekend

Date Bait: I'm Outta Here

Beatnik Flies: Message From The Underground

Tex Rubinowitz: Feelin' Right Tonight

Slickee Boys; Invisible People

Banarama: Cruel Summer

Jack Webb: Anti-Drug Promo

Bangles: Live (Cover of the Merry Go Round)

Capt Sensible: WOT

Any Trouble: Second Chance

Rosanna Rosanadanna

Let's Active: Blue Line

Eddie Angel: Rampage

Hoodoo Gurus: Spaghetti Western

Duane Eddy: The Trembler

Raybeats: The Calhoun Surf

Bow Wow Wow: Orang-Outang

Slickee Boys: Crawling Hand

Monks: Skylab

Lyres: Help You Ann

Blotto: My Baby's The Star Of A Drivers Ed Movie

Monks: Johnny Be Rotten

Johnny Rubbish: Living in NW3

Church: Under The Milky Way

dBs: Love Is For Lovers

Dirty Looks: They've Got Me Covered

Elevators: Girlfriend's Girlfriend

Monks: I Ain't Gettin' Any

Flock Of Seagulls: I Ran

Cheech & Chong Commercial

Cure: Boys Don't Cry

Martha & the Muffins: Women Around The World At Work

NRBQ: Me And The Boys

Fleshtones: Shadow Line

Harry Nilsson: That Is All

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