Sep 12

Robbie White brings the tunes and joins me in the studio for 2 hours of 80's fun.


manitoba's wild kingdom/the party starts now • kim wilde/kids in america • slickee boys/gotta tell me why • sunnyboys/show me some discipline • tru fax & the insaniacs/mystery date • beatnick flies/in my heart • swimming pool q's/stock car sin • joan jett/little liar • go gos/how much more • expressos/tango in mono • siouxsie & the banshees/dear prudence • evan johns & the h-bombs/sugar cookie • tex rubinowitz & the bad boys/hot rod man • polecats/make a circuit with me • billy hancock & the tennessee rockets/please don't touch • buzz & the fliers/little pig • revillos/rev up • the king/sweet home alabama • alice cooper/drug free psa • neil young/rockin' in the free world • star trek/drug free psa • ramones/we want the airwaves • madness/house of fun • replacements/unsatisfied • tears for fears/sowing the seeds of love • george harrison/cheer down • records/i don't remember your name • dootz/i'm the dootz • dan/misunderstood • utopia/last of the new wave riders • lime spiders/action woman • stranglers/all day and all of the night

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