Oct 13

Lime Spiders, Squeeze, XTC, Fleshtones and more....


The Robbie White 80's Spectacular once again comes to WRIR!!!

artist / song:

don't play us cheap / saturday night is partying time

johnny bombay & the reactions / ramona

velvet monkeys / drive in

killer bees / tv violence

the dark / late show

gene simmons / anti-drug song

blasters / marie marie

ratso / rumble

bob e rock / same ol' cat

jump 'n the saddle / the curly shuffle

smithereens / behind the wall of sleep

missing persons / destination unknown

stranglers / hanging around

captain lou promo / captain lou albano

nrbq / me and the boys

lime spiders / slave girl

fleshtones / screaming skulls

cynics / get away girl

cramps / bop pills

english beat / can't get used to losing you

sam phillips / i can't stop crying

pretenders / thin line between love & hate

star trek / anti-drug promo

barone & mastro / lost like me

korgis / if it's all right with you baby

stackridge / something about the beatles

marshall crenshaw / mary ann

spongetones / my girl mary ann

utopia / last of the new wave riders

lords of the new church / like a virgin

squeeze / if I don't love you

xtc / bell and chain

cleaners from venus / fun

brotherhood of lizards /rusty iron sun

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