Nov 15

Colonel White is back in town to let his 80's tunes off the leash!!!


Robbie White (aka: the Colonel) and yours truly in the WRIR kitchen

artist / song:

stranglers / waltz in black

hugh cornwell / white room

stranglers / nuclear device

tru fax & the insaniacs / king of machines

beatnick flies / in my heart

slickee boys / golden love

dan / eighteen

wanktones / lovin' man

tex rubinowitz & the bad boys / rock 'n' roll ivy

marshall crenshaw / monday morning rock

bongos / in the congo

ian.gomm / hold on

national lampoon / mr. rogers

brian wilson / love and mercy

was not was / knocked down made small

nick lowe / ragin' eyes

xtc / king for a day

expressos / tango in mono

frank zappa / sharleena

frank zappa / hot plate heaven in the green hotel

frank zappa / watermelon in easter hay

black flag / tv party

bad brains / pay to cum

stiff little fingers / at the edge

dogs / gone

damned / stretcher case

cramps / you got good taste

ramones / the kkk took my baby away

tpoh / walking in the woods

utopia / one world

records / i spent a week with you last night

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