Feb 04

I have received several requests to post this show. I Hosted the "River City Limits" show on WRIR, which is the local music show, for the first time on 01-24-09. Tim Barry, the singer from Avail and solo singer/songwriter, was gracious enough to come in the studio to play 3 songs live and put up with my lame interviewing skills. Tim is a great guy and I was very happy to finally meet him. I think his performance was awesome and I want to share it. These are the songs on this podcast: church of level track (from the lp, "rivanna junction"/suburban home records) • prosser's gabriel (new!) • ronnie song (from the lp, "manchester"/suburban home records). I want to thank WRIR's own Alan Coberly for engineering the live performance. There are a few hiccups on the stream, due to our new upgrade still needing tweaking, but it does not really interfere with this great performance. Enjoy!!!


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