Feb 17

Robbie White subs for Dustin's Party of One!


P Hux: Here Comes The Saviour (Delux, 1995)

Nick Capaldi: In My Shoes (The Golden Summer EP 2013)

David Myhr: Never Mine (Soundshine 2011)

Corin Ashley: Sgt Sunshine (New Lion Terraces 2013)

Eric Barao: Trying Too Hard (Eric Barao 2013)

Bleu: Searching For The Satellites (Redhead 2002)

Jeremy Messersmith: Violet (Reluctant Graveyard 2010)


Beach Boys: Your Summer Dream (Surfer Girl 1963)

Dave Edmunds: Beach Boys Blod (In My Veins) (Plugged In 1994)

Beach Boys: Till I die (Surf's Up 1971)

Petra Haden: God Only Knows (Her MySpace Page 2008)

Brian Wilson: Your Imagination (Imagination 1998)

The Move: Message From The Country (Message From The Country 1971 - last LP before becoming ELO)


Paul McCartney: Back Seat Of My Car (Ram 1971)

Emitt Rhodes: Lullabye/Fresh Asy (Emitt Rhodes 1970)

Aerovans: World Of You (Resurrection 1969/2003)

Julian Lennon: I Don't Wanna Know (Photograph Smile 1999)

George Harrison: It Don't Come Easy Demo (Acetates & Alternates Vol 2 1997)

The Rutles: Cheese And Onions (All You Need Is Cash 1978)

Stackridge: Something About The Beatles (Something For The Weekend 1999)


We The People: You Burn Me Up And Down (Psychedelic Microdots Vol 1 1966)

Nazz: Open My Eyes (Nazz 1968)

Daybreakers: Psychedelic Siren (Psychedelic Microdots Vol 1 1966)

the Litter: Action Woman (Distortions 1967)

The Third Bardo: Five Years Ahead Of My Time (Psychedelic Microdots Vol 3 1966)


Lemon Pipers: Green Tambourine (Best of 60s Psychedeloic Rock 1967)

Cowsills: The Rain The Park & Other Things (Best of the Cowsills 1967)

Status Quo: Pictures Of Meatchstick Men (Best of Sixties Psycedelic Rock 1968)

Spirit: Prelude/Nothing To Hide (12 Dreams Of Dr Sardonicus 1970)

Ten Years After: I'd Love To Change The World (A Space In Time 1971)


Rosslyn Mountain Boys: Been Awhile (Rosslyn Mountain Boys 1978)

Wanderlust: I Walked (Prize 1995)

Fleetwood Mac: Hypnotized (Mystery To Me 1973)

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