Feb 04

Rockabilly - Ladies Only!!!


I filled in for Will on the 12 Fluid Ounces Show

and put together this ALL female rockabilly show. I hope you enjoy!!!

artist / song:

jo ann campbell / boogie woogie country girl

collins kids / mercy

marti brom / they call me crazy

ruth brown / this little girls gone rockin'

wanda jackson / let's have party

janis martin / bang bang

alvadean coker / we're gonna bop

wanda jackson / honey bop

sparkle moore / rock a bop

nettles sisters / real gone jive

charlene arthur / burn that candle

patsy cline / got a lot of rhythm in my soul

joyce green / black cadillac

janis martin / will you willyum

june carter / no swallerin' place

martha hull / feelin' right tonight

barbara pittman / i need a man

rosie flores / '59 tweedle dee

carter kids / gotta rock

joannie king / ok doll, it's a deal

davis sisters / rockabye boogie

peggi griffith / rockin' the blues

burt sisters / rock and roll thunderbird

tanya dee & the dischords / shake this town

acorn sisters / real gone

wanda jackson / mean mean man

jackie dee / buddy

bob & lucille / eeny meeny miney mo

josie kreuzer / ball that jack

martha carson / now stop

patsy cline / so wrong

nan castle / starlight starbright

laura lee perkins / oh la baby

janis martin / drugstore rock 'n' roll

rose maddox / hey little dreamboat

ruth brown / wild wild young men

brenda lee / bigelow-6200

dagmar & the seductones / don't stop

miller sisters / ten cats down

jean shepard / jeopardy

wanda jackson / fujiyama mama

jo ann campbell / i really really love you

ranch girls / move over rover

kim lenz / dang good stuff

collins kids / hoy hoy

honetbees / rock on little jonah

brenda lee / let's jump the broomstick

collins kids / i'm in my teens

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