Aug 31

I filled in for Will again on the 12 Fluid Ounces Show. Always a fun time. If you like these tunes, check out Kogar's blog on my links section. Many of these tracks are from his fabulous Lux & Ivy's Favorites comps.


johnny fortune/dragster • johnny burnette & the rock 'n' roll trio • collins kids/i'm in my teens • tex rubinowitz/no club (lone wolf) • ronnie allen/juvenile delinquent• lancers/take me to your leader • larry donn/honey bun • misty bonner/i can't sit still • gar bacon/there's gonna be rockin' tonight • puddle jumpers/snake charmer • ronnie dawson/action packed • vern pullens/bop crazy baby • gene maltais/crazy baby • versatones/tight skirt tight sweater • medallions/behind the door • marketettes/out of limits • kieth corvale/trapped love • five blobs/the blob • billy ward & the dominos/jennie lee • impalas/oh what a fool • eddie bond/flip flop mama • scarlets/stampede • symbols/do the zombie • jimmy stewart/rock on the moon • strangers/catapillar crawl • ray sharpe/linda lu • crescents/pink dominos • doc starkes & the nite riders/pretty plaid skirt (and long black sox) • jackie lee cochran/georgia lee brown • cherokees/uprising • chiefs/apache • citations/moon race • del saints/tarzan • buddy holly rave on • chips/rubber biscuits • bunny paul/history • carl perkins/blue suade shoes • laura lee perkins/oh la baby • peggy griffith/rockin' the blues • sparkletones/cotton pickin' rocker • janis martin/bang bang • davis sisters/rockabye boogie • wanda jackson/rock your baby • jean shepard/jeopardy • ben jo zeppa/topsy turvy • roy gaines/right now baby • jackie cannon/chill bumps • ray scott/bopping wig wam willie • sandy scott/shake it up • 3 aces and a joker/booze party • link wray/fatback • lee castle & the jimmy dorsey orchestra

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