Jan 19

Dead Boys, Dictators, Agent Orange, Red C and more...

Dacoit Dan's Classick Choice for 2014 - Black Market Baby - Coulda...Shoulda...Woulda - Dr. Strange

Song Artist Album Label Year
salad days minor threat salad days ep dischord 1985
borstal breakout sham 69 single polydor 1978
who will save rock and roll dictators d.f.f.d. sr 2001
i bad brains s/t roir 1982
amoeba adolescents s/t frontier 1981
gimme gimme shock treatment ramones leave home sire 1977
new rose damned damned damned damned stiff 1976
manny, moe & jack dickies dawn of the dickies a&m 1979
god willing dropkick murphys the meanest of times born & bred 2008
writing a letter smoking popes it's been a long day asian man 1993
burn it down suicide commandos make a record blank 1977
pills & smoke swingin' utters s/t fat wreck 2000
see no evil television marquee moon elektra 1977
preesure's on red c flex your head dischord 1982
problems sex pistols never mind the bullocks virgin 1977
no compassion talking heads talking heads 77 sire 1977
boston, usa ducky boys three chords and the truth thorp 2004
everything turns grey agent orange living in darkness posh boy 1981
janie jones clash s/t cbs 1977
dragons teeth f-minus s/t hellcat 1999
time to escape government issue joyride fountain of youth 1984
world at war black market baby connected limp 1981
fence black wine hollow earth don giovanni 2012
not anymore dead boys young, loud and snotty sire 1977
crocodile tears mumps how i saved the world bomp 1977
bastards of young replacements tim sire 1985
i see red x more fun in the new world elektra 1983
fun thing 999 the biggest prize in sport polydor 1980
high school mc5 back in the usa atlantic 1970
bring us bullets rocket from the crypt live from camp x-ray vagrant 2002
1945 social distortion mainliner 13th floor 1982
voices from my window freeze gui;ty face ep modern method 1983
dicks hate the police dicks 1980-1986 radical 1980
modern kicks exploding hearts guitar romantic dirtnap 2003
jocko homo devo q: are we not men? a: we are devo! wb 1978
one chord wonders adverts anthology stiff 1977
i wanna be your boyfriend rubinoos back to the drawing board beserkley 1979
ca plane pour moi plastic bertrand single amc 1977
new race radio birdman radios appear trafalgar 1977
trash new york dolls s/t mercury 1973

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