Jan 22

Playlist (artist/song/label):

minor threat/salad days/dischord • accelerators/got kicked in the front of my head/stardumb • stranglers/no more heroes/ua • marked men/fix my brain/dirtnap • dictators/who will save rock 'n' roll/sr • white wires/did you forget my name/going gaga • eddy current suppression ring/which way to go/goner • roman line/dawn after the wreck/merman • failures' union/you were right/paper + plastick • boys/sick on you/taang! • delay/dark red courage/salinas • ruts/babylon's burning/emi • parasites/real real good time/sr • tim version/shin splints/no idea • our new nation/bang-a-rang/sr • young livers/a shortness of breath/no idea • naked raygun/soldier's requiem/caroline • jetty boys/empty handed/rally • dopamines/navigation point/it's alive! • unseen force/fear/grave mistake • saints/(i'm) misunderstood/amsterdamned • jilted john/jilted john/emi • damned/see her tonight/castle • pere ubu/final solution/umg • bad brains/i/roir • peter & the test tube babies/banned from the pubs/dr. strange • tubers/coconut thunder/no idea • speedies/let me take your photo/speedy delivery • cloak/dagger/billions millions/jade tree • stiff little fingers/suspect device/emi • rocket from the crypt/bring us bullets/vagrant • weirdos/helium bar/frontier • jello biafra & the guantanimo school of medicine/new feudalism/alternative tentacles • white cross/pink flamingos/grand theft audio • uk subs/emotional blackmail/anarchy • blackheart saints/pushing me/electric heart • ringers/33 on 45/1-2-3-4 go! • jam/all around the world/polydor • direct control/crash and burn/grave mistake • buzzcocks/breakdown/new hormones • adolescents/amoeba/frontier

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