Mar 12

Playlist (artist/song/label):

minor threat/salad days/dischord • riot before/the oregon trail/paper + plastick • jello biafra & the guantanimo school of medicine/new feudalism/alternative tentacles • roman line/dawn after the wreck/merman • marked men/blew my head/dirtnap • white cross/speed of the presses/grand theft audio • good luck/west wind ride/no idea • max levine ensemble/summer, like the season/plan-it-x • adolescents/amoeba/frontier • wipers/better off dead/zeno • broadway calls/call it off/adeline • avail/c. days/fat wreck chords • dillinger four/doublewhiskeycokenoice/hopeless • screwdriver/anti social/chiswick • clash/janie jones/sony • tim barry/downtown vcu/suburban home • magazine/the light pours out of me/emi • failures’ union/my book/paper + plastick • rubber city rebels/I don’t wanna be a punk no more/smog veil • delay/dark red courage/salinas-plan-it-x • holograms/your ex is turning tricks again/teenacide • hellacopters/bring it on home/liquor & poker • agent orange/everything turns grey/posh boy • millencollin/bullion/epitaph-burning heart • ramones/gimme gimme shock treatment/sire • inquisition/uproar/a-f • reagan youth/reagan youth/new red archives • manchester orchestra/I’ve got friends/favorite gentleman • boomtown rats/looking out for #1/mercury • crime in stereo/not dead/bridge nine • rites of spring/for want of/dischord • kid dynamite/s.o.s./jade tree • cloak/dagger/deathbed rebels/jade tree • jetty boys/reflectors/rally • no bueno/a song for mike/sr • landmines/excess and indifferent/paper + plastick • o pioneers/saved by the bell was a super good show/asian man • defiance ohio/can’t stop, won’t stop/no idea • tossers/never enough/victory • ringers/33 on 45/1-2-3-4 go! • draft/we’ll never know/no idea • joan jett & the blackhearts/love is all around/blackheart

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