Apr 02

April fools and I am the fool. The next to last song, "Question the Answer" was done by Strike Anywhere, not Inquisition as I incorrectly stated. Sorry Thomas.

PLaylist (artist/song/label):

minor threat/salad days/dischord • leatherface/never say goodbye/no idea • stranglers/tank/ua • accelerators/got kicked in the front of my head/stardumb • replacements/color me impressed/twin tone • wire/too late/emi • black market baby/world at war/dr. strange • adrenaline o.d./a nice song in the key of d/buy our records • good luck/novel figure/sr • liliput/split/kill rock stars • undertones/get over you/sire • alleged bricks/blank stares/street anthem • off with their heads/keep falling down/no idea • mission of burma/that's when i reach for my revolver/ace of hearts • badamps/two face/are you listening • new york dolls/punishing world/roadrunner • damned/see her tonight/castle • roman line/dawn after the wreck/merman • x-ray spex/obsessed with you/castle • avail/f.c.a./jade tree • social distortion/the creeps/time bomb • zymoticz/(eddie's) random bombing/answer • dead kennedys/california uber alles/manifesto • riot before/oregon trail/paper + plastick • scream/came without warning/dischord • pink razors/no secrets/no idea • loved ones/the inquirer/fat wreck chords • 4 walls falling/happy face/redemption • dopamines/molly/it's alive • toys/go to the police/red bus • agent orange/too young to die/posh boy • riverboat gamblers/rent is due/volcom • scientists/frantic romantic/sympathy for the record industry • adolescents/welcome to reality/frontier • jawbreaker/fireman/blackball • adverts/bored teenagers/the devil's own jukebox • flys/love and a molotov cocktail/emi • none more black/drop the pop/fat wreck chords • strike anywhere/question the answer/jade tree • dwarves/everybody's girl/epitaph

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