Apr 03

Please note: The download is hi res now. This episode ends 1 hour and 38 minutes into the show. We’ll get this recording stuff straight. Please be patient. Sometimes the show goes smooth and sometimes I am just pulling songs out of my bung hole at the last second. I pressed a few wrong buttons, but it actually sometimes lets people explore the “deep cuts” on an LP. I always hated that dumb ass term, “deep cuts”. It’s a commercial radio excuse for playing something different. What in the hell is wrong with playing something different? I do want you to support the artists and labels I play on my show. If you like something you hear, please buy the damn thing!!! You will never get to see the cool artwork on the new Propagandhi LP or just sit in a comfortable chair with a beer and take the whole LP in just by listening to my podcast. Cheers!


Playlist (artist/song/label):

minor threat/salad days/dischord • riverboat gamblers/true crime/volcom • hot water music/southeast first/no idea • generation x/ready steady go/emi • cactus’s/where’s my skeleton?/sr • anchor down/red ink/solidarity • conniption fits/can’t buy this/a.d.d. • nuns/media control/rosco • static radio/marc/black numbers • pin point/richmond/albion • f*cked up/david comes to life/jade tree • roll the tanks/police me/intelligent noise • propagandhi/human(e) meat (the flensing of sandor katz)/smallman • off with their heads/keep falling down/no idea • octane saints/jailbait/snake oil • beex/he obliterates (me)/wasp • let me run/live grenades/xoxo • the controllers/slow boy/siamese dogs • cute lepers/it’s summertime baby/blackheart • nofx/the quitter/fat wreck chords • vena cava/this bike is a pipe dream/a.d.d. • broadway calls/get at me/adeline • friendly fire/bad ideas and friendship societies/demo • freeze/talking bombs/taang! • left alone/spiked with pain/hellcat • star f*cking hipsters/zombie christ/fat wreck chords • lagrecia/according to my notes/suburban home • sham 69/if the kids are united/castle • social unrest/making room for youth/infra-red • brainworms/a vulgar display of flowers/rorschach • have nots/anchor for a drowning man/bankshot • bongos/in the congo/cooking vinyl • brainworms/jay’s big date/rorschach • mouthbreather/the nazarene/kiss of death • fugazi/waiting room/dischord • degenerics/bury my heart/soul rebel • minor threat/cashing in/dischord • marked men/ditch/dirtnap • huntingtons/we don’t care/high school rock

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