Apr 09

Playlist (artist/song/label):

minor threat/salad days/dischord • smoking popes/writing a letter/asian man • real mckenzies/white knuckle ride/fat wreck chords • factory/world gone mad/kick in the eye • dictators/who will save rock 'n' roll?/sr • descendents/i'm the one/epitaph • 999/fun thing/anagram • dead to me/modern muse/fat wreck chords • beex/he obliterates (me)/wasp • flirt/don't push me!/real • sundials/fox hunters/sr • zatopeks/sophie scholl/stardumb • gray matter/burn no bridges/dischord • mopes/my heart won't bleed for you/lookout! • marked men/blew my head/dirtnap • middle class/out of vogue/joke • dead end boys/wanna be/get sorted • clorox girls/telephone/byo • rocket from the crypt/bring us bullets/vagrant • spits/bring/slovenly • uk subs/emotional blackmail/anarchy • noise by numbers/paris in september/asian man • tim barry/downtown vcu/suburban home • teenage head w/marky ramone/teenage beer drinkin' party/sonic unyon • cramps/the way i walk/irs • new models/permanent vacation/modern method • real kids/better be good/red star • rubber city rebels/laugh/smog veil • rousers/magazine girl/torso • steinways/i wanna kiss you on the lips/cold feet • ramones/rockaway beach/sire • x/i see red/elektra • generation x/ready steady go/emi • grabass charlestons/i like cats/no idea • leatherface/never say goodbye/no idea • social distortion/mommy's little monster/time bomb • matches/wake the sun/epitaph • alan milman sect/stitches in my head/i wanna kill somebody/britz • no friends/never ending fight/no idea

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