May 01

Playlist (artist/song/label):

minor threat/salad days/dischord • useless id/isolate me/suburban home • it begin/asian man-solidarity recordings • american steel/razorblades/fat wreck chords • cute lepers/terminal boredom/blackheart • rancid/last one to die/epitaph • germs/lexicon devil/slash • ergs!/only babies cry/dirtnap • tina peel/knockin' down guardrails/sin • green day/know your enemy/reprise • let me run/live grenades/xoxo • buzzcocks/harmony in my head/emi • takeover uk/never been so sick/ryko • knockdown/squirellaholic/kiss of death • inquisition/uproar/a-f • bad brains/pay to cum/bad brain • chinese telephones/i can't be right/it's alive! • measure (sa)/union pool/kiss of death • screaming females/bell/don giovanni • stiff little fingers/alternative ulster/sedgenote • pedals on our pirate ships/night of the living wage/sr • skids/into the valley/virgin • government issue/caring line/dr. strange • lewis & friends/wrir jam/sr • spinerette/distorting a code/sr • angelic upstarts/lonely man of spandau ii/captain oi! • matches/wake the sun/epitaph • stranglers/walk on by/ua • pink razors/back home/houseplant • ramones/chinese rock/sire • johnny thunders & the heartbreakers/born to lose/jungle • landmines/excess & indifferent/paper & plastick • suicide commandos/burn it down/island def jam • black market baby/world at war/dr. strange • len price 3/she's not really there/wicked cool

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