May 04

Iggy & the Stooges, MewithoutYou, Seaweed, State Lines and more...


Dacoit Dan's hot new release of the week: Dirty Fences - Too High to Kross - Volcom

Song Artist Album Label Year
salad days minor threat salad days ep dischord 1985
fix my brain marked men fix my brain swami 2006
the librarians are hiding something swingin' utters poorly formed fat wreck 2013
saturday night crap-o-rama ergs! dork rock cork rod whoa-oh 2003
who let the dogs out? house boat the thorns of life traffic street 2011
cruising for chicks teenage bottlerocket freak out! fat wreck 2012
s.u.s. ruts the crack virgin 1980
burn iggy & the stooges ready to die fat possum 2013
punishing world new york dolls one day it will please us... all blacks 2006
another girl, another planet only ones s/t columbia 1978
a.c.d.c. joan jett & the blackhearts sinner blackheart 2006
small skeletal crime in stereo crime in stereo is dead bridge nine 2007
baggage seaweed weak sub pop 1992
heaven is tonight dirty fences too high to kross volcom 2013
greatest pretender sugar stems can't wait dirtnap 2013
second chance saloon world / inferno friendship society turnstile comix #2 single silver sprocket 2013
somebody to blame arteries restless 12" ep kiss of death 2013
coast to coast waxahatchee cerulean salt don giovanni 2013
the more you ask me, the less i'm sure sharks selfhood rise 2013
vocal coach bomb the music industry! vacation really 2011
thirty one low culture screens dirtnap 2013
plastique one man army she's an alarm ep adeline 2012
reach out to you adventures s/t ep sr 2012
kenosha swearin' s/t salinas 2012
color me impressed replacements hootenanny tin tone 1983
a mistake nothington roads, bridges and ruins byo 2009
runner laura stevenson wheel don giovanni 2013
the same mistake state lines for the boats tiny engines 2013
kids on the boardwalk hop along get disowned sr 2012
tell that girl to shut up holly & the italians tell that girl to shut up single oval 1980
the eton rifles jam the sound of the jam polydor 1979
neon lights i walk the line language of the lost fullsteam 2010
fox's dream of the log flume mewithoutyou ten stories pine street 2012
kick out the jams mc5 kick out the jams elektra 1969
where were you? mekons where were you? single fast 1978
heads up dusters! dopamines vices it's alive! 2012
i smoke dope gears rockin' at ground zero hepcat 1980
beat your heart out distillers coral fang sire 2003
sheep in wolves clothing gc5 horseshoes & handgrenades ep leprock 2001
think i'm gonna powerchords think i'm gonna single screen 2008

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