May 12

Modern Baseball, Crimes, Modern Lovers, Here & Now and more...


Dacoit Dan's hot new release of the week: Iron Reagan - Worse Than Dead - Magic Bullet

Song Artist Album Label Year
salad days minor threat salad days ep dischord 1985
cry cry cry shirks cry cry cry ep grave mistake 2011
pink turns to blue husker du zen arcade sst 1984
demon haunted world night birds the other side of darkness grave mistake 2011
back from the moon big eyes back from the moon single grave mistake 2012
i predict the death of harold camping iron reagan worse than dead magic bullet 2013
control freaks no friends traditional failures ep no idea 2011
water water everywhere arrivals volatile molotov recess 2010
northeast pull new creases about last night ep traffic street 2010
primitive boston strangler primitive fun with smack 2012
my curse sickoids s/t residue 2012
ugly minds, ugly faces school jerks s/t grave mistake 2012
f.s.o.m. omegas blasts of lunacy parts unknown 2011
moniz therapy congenital death from my hands sr 2012
endless disappointment double negative daydreamnation sorry state 2010
head spins deep sleep turn me off grave mistake 2011
wiped out off! s/t vice 2012
props for ventriloquism paint it black invisible ep no idea 2013
bottles to the ground nofx pump up the valuum epitaph 2000
1945 social distortion mainliner 13th floor 1982
the brink have nots proud paper + plastick 2011
here's to things gone wrong crime in stereo exposives and the will to use them blackout! 2004
undertow dead to me moscow penny ante fat wreck 2011
how do i get to you? masked intruder s/t red scare 2012
king of kings evens the odds dischord 2012
good things menzingers on the impossible past epitaph 2012
cynical at best measure [sa] notes no idea 2010
tears over beers modern baseball sports run for cover 2012
i wanna dance skaters i wanna dance single wb 2013
the borrower bangers good livin ep specialist subject 2012
burn iggy & the stooges ready to die fat possum 2013
big big waves banquets s/t black numbers 2013
queen of hearts f*cked up david comes to life matador 2011
yellow jackets victim party the worst party on earth black pint 2012
runner laura stevenson wheel don giovanni 2013
out in the west crimes s/t ep black numbers 2013
roadrunner modern lovers s/t beserkely 1976
born to make believe here and now born to make believe - pt 1 ep black numbers 2013
spaceman the bomb speed is everything no idea 2019
precious precious precious joel plaskett three maple 2009
richmond pin point richmond single albion 1979
white lies dirty fences too high to kross volcom 2013
start walking off with their heads home epitaph 2013
cathouse pissed jeans honeys sub pop 2013
that's when i knew capitalist kids lessons of love, sharing and hygiene toxic pop 2012

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