May 15

Playlist (artist/song/label):

minor threat/salad days/dischord • zero boys/high time/secretly canadian • north lincoln/seasons/no idea • ann beretta/eye for an eye/lookout! • virgins/another's gun/kiss of death • new york dolls/'cause i sez so/atco • crumbs/down at churchills/insubordination • powerchords/think i'm gonna/single screen • nofx/we called it america/fat wreck chords • leftovers/she doesn't like me anymore/cheapskate • rancid/last one to die/epitaph • operation ivy/sound system/hellcat • red c/pressure's on/dischord • rocket from the crypt/bring us bullets/vagrant • rites of spring/for want of/dischord • bikini kill/rebel girl/kill rock stars •'m an outsider/asian man-solidarity • avail/f.c.a./jade tree • f-minus/dragons teeth/hellcat • les thugs/poison head/sub pop • uk subs/rebel radio/new red archives • scream/who knows? who cares?/dischord • dwarves/is there anybody out there?/tee pee • bad brains/banned in d.c./roir • h20/1995/bridge nine • vibrators/stiff little fingers/sony • doc hopper/zapruder frame 313/go kart • white cross/speed of the presses/grand theft audio • bridge & tunnel/call to the comptroller's office/no idea • marked men/blew my head/dirtnap • subhumans/mickey mouse is dead/bluurg • jakkpot/safety blades & razorpins/twenty stone blatt • broadway calls/call it off/adeline • rezillos/somebody's gonna get their head kicked in tonight/sire • penetration/don't dictate/emi • crime/hotwire my heart/swami • loved ones/the inquirer/fat wreck chords • static radio/marc/black numbers • nervebreakers/my girlfriend is a rock/wild child • stranglers/tank/ua • briefs/medication/crystal • les hatepinks/microwave drugs/tko • cro-mags/show you no mercy/sr • bad religion/in the night/byo

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