Jun 19

I finally found this missing show from 5-20-10 in the volunteer folders at the station.

Playlist (artist/song/label):

minor threat/salad days/dischord • delay/dark red courage/salinas • good luck/novel figure/sr • night birds/prognosis: negative/grave mistake-dirtnap • powerchords/think i'm gonna/single screen • safes/mental wheelchair/o brothers • young livers//of misery and toil/no idea • rvivr/life and death/sr • inquisition/uproar/a-f • seahawk/sneaker stadium 1998/sr • flys/love and a molotov cocktail/emi • parasites/real good time/kid tested • uk subs/warhead/anagram • alkaline trio/this addiction/heart & skull • anti-flag/davey destroyed the punk scene/new red archives • tim barry/downtown vcu/suburban home • buzzcocks/sick city sometimes/wicked cool • noise by numbers/17 on the wayside/asian man • lillingtons/all i hear is static/red scare • riot before/what i've missed/paper + plastick • bad brains/banned in dc/roir • p.s. eliot/bear named otis/freedom school • holograms/your ex is turning tricks/teenacide • failures' union/the fall man/paper + plastick • high dials/i am the eye/wicked cool • spraynard/stickin' together is what good waffles do/sr • adam west/god's gift to women/people like you • menzingers/i was born/red scare • teenage bottlerocket/skate or die/fat wreck chords • crime in stereo/not dead/bridge nine • moving mountains/lights and shapes/sr • polar bear club/light of local eyes/bridge nine • adolescents/amoeba/frontier • jakkpot/burnin' in '77/twenty stone blatt • roman line/dawn after the wreck/merman • forgotten rebels/american in me/other peoples music • pink razors/back home/no idea

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