May 29

Missing the first 8 or so minutes.

Playlist (artist/song/label):

minor threat/salad days/dischord • undertones/here comes the summer/sire • dillinger four/fruity pebbles/fat wreck chords • measure sa/hit the ground running/kiss of death • north lincoln/weight of the world/no idea • ruts/babylon's burning/emi • time again/lines are faded/hellcat • aggrolites/the sufferer/hellcat • knockdown/sh*t went down in the italian kitchen/kiss of death • crackajacks/long blond hair/missing link • rev. horton heat/big red rocket of love/fontana interscope • junkrod joe & the cadillac hearse/johnny lawless/red hatchet • johnny kidd & the pirates/shakin'all over/emi • cramps/the way i walk/irs • them/mystic eyes/denon • bare jr./you blew me off/sony • fuzztones/garden of my mind/no fun • replacements/color me impressed/twintone • civet/all i want/hellcat • holly & the italians/tell that girl to shut up/wounded bird • roll the tanks/police me/intelligent noise • modern lovers/roadrunner/castle • vena cava/this bike is a pipe dream/a.d.d. • tossers/never enough/victory • richard hell & the voidoids/blank generation/rhino • river city rebels/small town pride/victory • ninja gun/eight miles out/suburban home • seasick/skeptic threat/soulrebel • brainworms/let be honest/rorschach • adrenaline o.d./a nice song in the key of d/buy our records • glass & ashes/bird's eye view/no idea • yard trauma/eyes/dionysus • vaginasore jr./baldilocks/.a.d.d. • violent ramp/violent ramp/sr • outcasts/just another teenage rebel/sr • supersuckers/hey ya/mid-fi • anti-flag/when the lights go out/sideonedummy • flatliners/meanwhile, in hell.../fat wreck chords • agent orange/everything turns grey/posh boy • black market baby/world at war/dr.strange • young livers/drinks are our amnesty/no idea

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