Jun 01

Strike Anywhere, Iron Chic, Youthbitch, X and more...


Dacoit Dan's hot new release of the week: Close Talker - So Am I - Stay Sweet

The first 15 minutes of the show (Minor Threat through the Chords) did not record.

Song Artist Album Label Year
salad days minor threat salad days ep dischord 1985
smash the discos business smash the discos ep secret 1982
a get together to tear it apart hives vini vidi vicious burning heart 2000
saying goodbye muffs s/t wb 1993
quarantined career suicide anthology deranged 2007
dragons teeth f-minus s/t hellcat 1999
maybe tomorrow chords single polydor 1980
this will be the death of us all strong city split w/dead north bloated kat 2012
icarus ii close talker so am i stay sweet 2013
mighty morphine power rangers family cat dealing with depression sr 2012
the invisible man vindictives many moods of the vindictives vml 1991
bus rides nona through the head mandible 2013
reason to believe beat farmers tales of the new west rhino 1985
my baby hates me stitches 8x12 vinyl dog 1995
a million miles away stiv bators disconnected bomp! 1980
the librarians are hiding something swingin' utters poorly formed fat wreck 2013
i'm in love with girls youthbitch i'm in love with girls single dirtnap 2013
if it's here when we get back it's ours texas is the reason do you know who you are? the complete collection revelation 2013
something usual excuisites s/t asian man 2013
instinct strike anywhere dead fm fat wreck 2006
spooky action at a distance iron chic spooky action ep bridge nine 2013
i don't wanna be around toys that kill fambly 42 recess 2012
don't die on me now hostage calm please remain calm run for cover 2012
hungry wolf x under the big black sun elektra 1982
ronnie & mags nofx self entitled fat wreck 2012
my girlfriend is a rock nervebreakers politics ep wild child 1978
runner laura stevenson wheel don giovanni 2013
world gone mad factory smile single b side kick in the eye 1982
algomania dogs walking shadows philips 1980
gimme gimme shock treatment ramones leave home sire 1977
police state in the usa anti-flag die for the government new red archives 1996
suburban home descendents milo goes to college sst 1982
carry the banner flatliners cavalcade fat wreck 2010
the saddest girl ever to hold a martini holy mess cande rue las degas red scare 2012
summertime crimpshrine duct tape soup lookout 1998
hey jealousy ergs! hind sight is 20/20 my friend dirtnap 2008
whole wide world wreckless eric greatest stiffs stiff 1978
500 channels choking victim no gods, no managers hellcat 1999
27 pinhead gunpowder shoot the moon ep adeline 1999
retarded weston got beat up go-kart 1996
castle in the sky classics of love s/t asian man 2012

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