Jun 05

Brett, Cory and Jon from RVA's own Riot Before joined me in the studio as guest djs. They played hand picked music that inspired them to play music in the first place and influences their unique sound. We also played cuts off of their killer new LP, "Rebellion", which has just come out on Paper + Plastick records. Enjoy!

Playlist (artist/ song/ label):

minor threat/salad days/dischord • off with their heads/zzyzx/epitaph • ninja gun/eight miles out/suburban home • riot before/what i've missed/paper + plastick • broadway calls/van rides and high tides/adeline • menzingers/who's your partner/red scare • good riddance/mother superior/fat wreck • small brown bike/deconstruct/rebuild/no idea • riot before/a good sense of style/paper + plastick • weakerthans/watermark/sub city • bouncing souls/quick check girl/epitaph • great explainer/codeine? bourbon/chunksaah • maritime/guns of navarone/flameshovel • cursive/gentleman caller/saddle creek • sparta/taking back control/hollywood • pedro the lion/big trucks/jade tree • riot before/to live how we believe/paper + plastick • twothirtyeight/this town is gonna eat you/takehold • riot before/fists buried in pockets-threat level midnight/say-10 • guns n' roses/nighttrain/geffen • black rebel motorcycle club/whatever happened to my rock 'n' roll/virgin • hold steady/lord, i'm discouraged/vagrant • cursive/martyr/saddle creek • screaching weasel/leather jacket/fat wreck chords • lucero/a dangerous thing/madjack • riot before/backstage room/paper + plastick • p.s. eliot/acid flashbacks/freedom school • insomnio/still remember/no way • queers/ursula finally has tits/suburban home

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