Jun 05

Playlist (artist/song/label):

minor threat/salad days/dischord • briggs/charge into the sun/sideonedummy • draft/we'll never know/no idea • teenage bottlerocket/in the basement/red scare • circle jerks/wild in the streets/porterhouse • clash/janie jones/sony • banner pilot/empty your bottles/go kart • avengers/we are the one/frontier • star f*cking hipsters/broken/fat wreck chords • zombina & the skeletones/tomb of the blind date/indie europe-zoom • automatic 7/40 blocks/mental • dead to me/by the throat/fat wreck chords • rocket from the crypt/i'm not invisible/vagrant • business/loud proud and punk/anagram • bad religion/we're only gonna die/epitaph • chinese telephones/waiting for you/it's alive! • ann beretta/straight shooter/lookout! • xmc/killing time on the radio/sr • stitches/my baby hates me/vinyl dog • rancid/east bay night/hellcat-epitaph • dopamines/navigation point/it's alive! • f*cked up/mustaa lunta/matador • x/we're desperate/elektra • cloak/dagger/walk the block/jade tree • x-ray spex/the day the world turned day-glo/castle • corrosion of conformity/hungry child/metal blade • agent orange/bloodstains/posh boy • wierdos/helium bar/frontier • inquisition/uproar/a-f • beex/he obliterates (me)/wasp • iggy & the stooges/search and destroy/sony • dean dirg/your choice/six feet under • generation x/100 punks/emi • social distortion/another state of mind/time bomb • less than jake/devil in my dna/sleep it off • witches with dicks/your job does not rock balls/kiss of death • degenerics/generation/soul rebel • bad brains/pay to cum/roir • gang green/sold out/taang! • scream/came without warning/dischord • nervebreakers/my girlfriend is a rock/get hip • d.i./money machine/dr. strange • 2nd district/high society/people like you • johnny moped/no one/ace • alleged bricks/blank stares/street anthem • who/i'm a boy/mca

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