Jun 08

Hank Wood & the Hammerheads, Red Dons, 86 Mentality, Kill Your Idols and more...


Special rainy day vinyl show featuring special guest, Bobby E, the owner of  Vinyl Conflict record store

spinning the punk vinyl. What a great way to spend a rainy Friday night in old RVA.

I hope you enjoy it. We had a blast!!!

artist / song:

minor threat / salad days

briefs / medication

iron chic / spooky action at a distance

no hope for the kids / it's a rainy day

hard skin / council estate

darvocets / cattle mutilation

hank wood & the hammerheads / my house

gray matter / caffeine blues

camera silens / classe criminelle 1 et 2

red dons / pariah

damned / rabid (over you)

eat / communist radio

kremlin / buried

who killed spikey jacket / spike your hair with beer

brutal knights / wings

blitz / never surrender

big boys / no

cola freaks / sniper

avail / simple song

crisis of conformity / fist fight

night birds / barred out

big eyes / the sun still shines

crime in stereo / not dead

impailers / untitled (2 songs)

86 mentality / life trap

bloody hammer / smash them all

warzone / in the mirror

bags / survive

bad brains / soulcraft

final conflict / apocalypse now

slugz / suit and tie

kill your idols / falling

black flag / rise above

dag nasty / one to two

observers / lead pill

naked raygun / leeches

mcrad / weakness

briefs / poor and wierd

iron age / burden of empire

hank wood & the hammerheads / hard on the streets

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