Jun 12

The stream cuts out a bit in the 1st 15 minutes or so. I'm pretty sure it was sun spots.

Playlist (artist/song/label):

minor threat/salad days/dischord • no friends/never ending fight/no idea • count me out/stakes is high/indecision • freeze/talking bombs/taang! • loved ones/the inquirer/fat wreck chords • teenage ruins/something fierce/dirtnap • good luck/how to live here/sr • chris wollard & the ship thieves/no idea • vampire beach babes/spank that thang/sr • mag seven/the commish/end sounds • street dogs/tobe's got a drinking problem/brass tacks • tossers/never enough/victory • mahones/is this bar open 'til tomorrow?/cobraside • new york dolls/'cause i sez so/atco • cops/invisible city/mt. fuji • rubber city rebels/laugh/smog veil • madison bloodbath/prom night at the burn clinic/a.d.d. • uk subs/emotional blackmail/anarchy • external menace/bullet of persuation/dr. strange • ratchets/rockers taking over/pirates press • bomb/spaceman/no idea • stranglers/london lady/ua • only ones/another girl, another planet/sony • parasites/ronnie is a psycho/go-kart • zero boys/civilization's dying/secretly canadian • d.o.a./the prisoner/sudden death • operation ivy/knowledge/hellcat • wipers/mystery/zeno • north lincoln/seasons/no idea • avail/f.c.a./jade tree • let me run/live grenades/xoxo • bad brains/banned in d.c./roir • dillinger four/doublewhiskeycokenoice/hopeless • sham 69/if the kids are united/castle • bratmobile/i'm in the band/lookout! • avengers/car crash/frontier • boys/first time/taang! • government issue/hey ronnie/dr. strange • huntingtons/we don't care/high school rock • reducers/black plastic shoes/rave on • bad brains/build a nation/roir

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