Jun 19

Playlist (artist/song/label):

minor threat/salad days/dischord  • social unrest/join the people who've joined the army/infra-red  • seasick/behind this tongue (infest)/soulrebel  • meat puppets/foreign lawns/world imitation  • government issue/g.i./fountain of youth-dischord • brakes/hi, how are you/rough trade  • italian stallion/10 me vs. you (go!)/sr  • s.o.a./gonna hafta fight/dischord  • death piggy/nympho/dsi  • germs/what we do is secret/slash  • teen idles/teen idles/dischord  • gang green/terrorize/taang!  • deep wound/sick of fun/radiobeat  • stillborn christians/new right/no core  • big boys/security/wasted talent  • united mutation/passout/dsi-dischord  • necros/take em up/touch and go  • degenerics/bury my heart/soulrebel • worn thin/here's the door/youngblood  • lighten up!/buttspeak/jumpstart  • suicidal tendencies/two sided politics/frontier  • special forces/gung ho/boner  • crispus attucks/insurrectos/btpp  • direct control/same scam/grave mistake  • reagan youth/reagan youth/new red archives  • cloak/dagger/white fence/jade tree  • sex advice/dead frenchmen/political party  • voids/i don't want to/a-f  • f*cked up/anorak city/matador • zero boys/drive in/secretly canadian  • white cross/speed of the presses/grand theft audio  • dear landlord/i live in hell/no idea  • silly killers/social bitch/no threes  • cactus fossils/paper or plastic?/flipside  • fix/in this town/bootleg  • bad brains/pay to cum/bad brain  • rhino 39/xerox/no compromise/dangerhouse  • landmines/talk is cheap, but yours is worthless/paper or plastick  • bleach boys/chloroform/tramp  • bum kon/nancy reagan fashion show/smooch • jakkpot/you ain't sh*t/twenty stone blatt  • adrenaline o.d./paul's not home/roir  • cro-mags/show you no mercy/sr  • wasted time/ritual/grave mistake • faction/skate and destroy/beer city  • petinska patka/biti ruzan, pametan i mlad/jugoton  • ladies/i'm the worst/riff raff  • government warning/safe and sound/grave mistake • ultra twist/no beer no fun/bubca  • nubs/job/businessman  • scream/came without warning/dischord  • les hatepinks/microwave drugs/tko • ramones/gimme gimme shock treatment/sire  • token entry/jaybird/i scream  • dils/class war/what?  • no friends/never ending fight/no idea  • freeze/voices from my window/dr. strange  • steal/new friend/political party  • maggots/(let's get, let's get) tammy wynette/wormusik  • first step/peace/rivalry  • worst/time zone/mutha   • off with their heads/goddamn job/no idea • dead end boys/wanna be/get sorted  • guadalupe/contract the stank/political party  • dean dirg/never adds up/unsociable  • f-minus/dragons teeth/hellcat  • one win choice/under quarantine/jump start  • undertones/smarter than you/sire • battalion of saints/ace of spades/taang! • ruts/babylon is burning/emi • subhumans/mickey mouse is dead/bluurg • nofx/co dependance day/sideonedummy • damned/new rose/castle • american steel/razorblades/fat wreck chords • wire/12 x u/pink flag • elvis costello/mystery dance/hip-o

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