Jun 29

Direct Hit!, Superchunk, Measure [sa], Menzingers and more...

Dacoit Dan's hot new release of the week:  Iron Chic - Spooky Action EP - Bridge Nine

Song Artist Album Label Year
salad days minor threat salad days ep dischord 1984
straight to the office copyrights 4 way 12" split black numbers 2012
monster in the closet direct hit! domesplitter kind of like 2011
vocal coach bomb the music industry! vacation really 2011
haircuts & t-shirts lifetime s/t fueled by ramen 2007
woke up in grappler school timeshares
bearable kiss of death 2011
tightrope walker broadcaster tightrope walker single jump start 2012
basement parties matt pond last light altitude 2007
end of the day nothington borrowed time red scare 2011
bleed away arteries restless 12" ep kiss of death 2013
eye for an eye ann beretta to all our fallen heroes lookout 1999
lexicon devil germs mia: the complete germs slash 1978
we don't care slaughter & the dogs do it dog style decca 1978
runner laura stevenson wheel don giovanni 2013
cathouse pissed jeans honeys sup pop 2013
fence black wine hollow earth don giovanni 2012
yellow jackets victim party the worst party on earth black pint 2012
secret society title fight floral green sideonedummy 2012
all i hear is static lillingtons the too late show red scare 2006
say hello born without bones say hello animal style 2010
blocking the sunshine candy hearts ripped up jeans & silly dreams kind of like 2011
c.c.s. mixtapes ordinary silence no sleep 2013
dom kan inte hora musiken masshysteri s/t ny vag 2010
'merican descendents 'merican ep fat wreck 2004
4th of july measure [sa] one chapter in the book kiss of death 2008
living with love big awesome birdfeeder ep sr 2012
never say goodbye leatherface the stormy petrel no idea 2010
spooky action at a distance iron chic spooky action ep bridge nine 2013
paper thin rvivr the beauty between rumbletowne 2013
stars were exploding good luck into lake griffy no idea 2008
driveway to driveway superchunk foolish merge 1994
stormy weather grabass charlestons dale & the careeners no idea 2012
south hill springtime south hill ep tiny engines 2013
not dead crime in stereo i was trying to describe to someone bridge nine 2010
nothing you could say big eyes almost famous grave mistake 2013
stay useless cloud nothings attack on memory carpark 2012
start walking off with their heads home epitaph 2013
babylonian gorgon bags b-side single dangerhouse 1979
my head is full of ghosts bad religion true north epitaph 2013
irish goodbyes menzingers mixed signals comp run for cover 2011

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