Jul 03

Playlist (artist/song/label):

minor threat/salad days/dischord • dear landlord/i live in hell/no idea • tim version/shin splints/no idea • rousers/magazine girl/torso • replacements/run it/twin tone • slapstick/there's a metal head in the parking lot/asian man • operation ivy/sound system/hellcat • skatter brain/the fuzzy static on your tv/sr • dmz/mighty idy/sepia tone • less than jake/johnny quest thinks we're sellouts/sleep it off • aggrolites/the sufferer/hellcat • wipers/ d-7/zeno • descendents/i'm the one/epitaph • clash/london's burning/sony • x/i see red/elektra • screeching weasel/the science of myth/fat wreck chords • adverts/bored teenagers/devil's own jukebox • youth brigade/did you wanna to die/byo • suicidal tendencies/institutionalized/frontier • cloak/dagger/walk the block/jade tree • flys/love and a molotov cocktail/emi • vacancies/radio revolution/blackheart • buzzcocks/harmony in my head/emi • madison bloodbath/neil diamond eat your heart out/a.d.d. • anchor down/red ink/solidary recordings • slits/typical girls/koch • vile geezers/when rebels were real/cyclops • saints/do the robot/amsterdamned • sleeper agent/the sound/sr • chinese telephones/i can't be right/it's alive! • toy dolls/tommy kowey's car/castle • misfits/halloween/plan 9 • knockdown/squirrelaholic/kiss of death • bomb/spaceman/no idea • dictators/faster and louder/elektra • endless mike & the beagle club/the market/crafty • j church/vampire girl prefers me alive/no idea • nervebreakers/hijack the radio/wild child • methadones/bored of television/thick • dils/mr. big/frontier

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