Jul 15

Springtime plays live in the WRIR Studios!!!

RVA's Springtime - New EP coming out on Tiny Engines end of July

The first 22 minutes of the show did not record. The show starts at Everybodies Girl by the Dwarves.
Thanks to Springtime for coming on Salad Days to play, Richard Schellenberg for engineering the session
and Enzo for dealing with the cops.

Song Artist Album Label Year
salad days minor threat salad days ep dischord 1985
let's get zooed out testors complete recordings swami 1976
we're only gonna die bad religion how could hell be any worse? epitaph 1982
everything turns grey agent orange living in darkness posh boy 1981
escape from new york night birds born to die in suburbia grave mistake 2013
human 2000 plow united marching band jump start 2013
mental wheelchair safes boogie woogie rumble ep pro-vel 2004
oh oh i love her so ramones leave home sire 1977
all kindsa girls real kids s/t red star 1977
everybodies girl everybodies girl the dwarves are young and good looking theologian 1997
a little time marked men fix my brain swami 2006
came without a warning scream still screaming dischord 1983
pariah red dons fake meets failure deranged 2010
mom's wallet zero boys history of the zero boys affirmation 1984
time to escape government issue joyride fountain of youth 1984
burn no bridges
gray matter
take it back ep dischord 1985
rivers rain la vache qui rit ep peterbilt 1990
for want of rites of spring s/t dischord 1995
mop water
close talker
so am i stay sweet 2013
brilliant dancer lemuria the distance is so big bridge nine 2013
south hill springtime live in wrir studios

what i've missed riot before rebellion paper + plastick 2010
salton sea elway leavetaking red scare 2013
forty degrees banner pilot heart beats pacific fat wreck 2011
here now springtime live in wrir studios

let out springtime live in wrir studios

untitled springtime live in wrir studios

wait springtime live in wrir studios

losing touch big eyes almost famous grave mistake 2013
bring us bullets rocket from the crypt live from camp x-ray vagrant 2002
burn iggy & the stooges ready to die fat possum 2013
back to you transplants in a warzone epitaph 2013
cash cab speedy ortiz major arcana carpark 2013
her and cigarettes cheap girls find me a drink home paper + plastick 2008
never have i walked away when the time was right little big league these are good people tiny engines 2013
lies chron gen chronic generation secret 1982
the summer citizen youth run for cover 2013
my nature wet nurse daily whatever sr 2012
grand finale fake problems real ghosts caught on tape sideonedummy 2010
no faith suburban studs no faith single pogo 1977
the creeps social distortion mommies little monster 13th floor 1983

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