Jul 17

Please note: The 3rd song, The Jam-Eton Rifles is 4 minutes of dead air on the podcast only (it was fine on broadcast). Sorry.

Playlist (artist/song/label):

minor threat/salad days/dischord • broadway calls/call it off/adeline • jam/eton rifles/polydor • girl in a coma/joannie in the city/blackheart • circle jerks/beverly hills/frontier • tragically hip/twist my arm/mca • cheaters/it's alright/big dipper • jilted john/jilted john/emi • alternative tv/action time vision/deptford fun city • dictators/who will save rock 'n' roll?/sr • girls/where wolves drink/dirtnap • punk rock janitors/live to work/sin • magazine/shot by both sides/emi • rousers/ann louisa/torso • left alone/branded/hellcat • death before dishonor/remember/bridge nine • avail/simple song/jade tree • eddie & the subtitles/zombie drug killers/frontier • ergs!/books about miles davis/dirtnap • voids/24 faces/dr. strange • stranglers/no more heroes/ua • fugazi/waiting room/dischord • rocket from the crypt/bring us bullets/vagrant • social distortion/mommies little monster/time bomb • mission of burma/the set up/matador • cops/invisible city/mt. fuji • american steel/razorblades/fat wreck chords • red c/pressure's on/dischord • choking victim/500 channels/hellcat • measure sa/union pool/kiss of death • richard hell & the voidoids/love comes in spurts/sire • new bomb turks/drag strip riot/crypt • time again/lines are faded/hellcat • f-minus/dragons teeth/hellcat • discharge/state violence strate control/castle • dear landlord/i live in hell/no idea • artistic decline/fallen in love/new underground • subhumans/mickey mouse is dead/fat wreck chords • bad brains/pay to cum/bad brain • now/into the 80's/raw • orange/stars/hellcat • uk subs/she's not there/anagram

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