Jul 24

Playlist (artist/song/label):

minor threat/salad days/dischord • crime/hot wire my heart/swami • ninja gun/eight miles out/suburban home • buzzcocks/sick city sometimes/wicked cool • social distortion/bad luck/epic • botox party/scared of living/sr • dear landlord/lake ontario/no idea • scotch greens/professional/drt • 999/english wipeout/anagram • ramones/i don't care/sire • damned/see her tonite/castle • let me run/live grenades/xoxo • anti-flag/davey destroyed the punk scene/new red archives • scientists/shake together tonight/sympathy for the record industry • big boys/fun fun fun/touch and go • slant 6/soda pop-rip off/dischord • powerchords/think i'm gonna.../single screen • pedals on our pirate ships/ballad of johnny z/sr • resistoleros/rock 'n' roll napalm/steel cage • sainte catherines/the shape of drunks to come/fat wreck chords • north lincoln/weight of the world/no idea • scream/came without warning/dischord • cortinas/fascist dictator/step forward • strike anywhere/question the answer/jade tree • girl in a coma/joannie in the city/blackheart • good luck/west wind ride/sr • weirdos/rhythm syndrone/frontier • dillinger four/doublewhiskeycokenoice/hopeless • jakkpot/goldfinger/twenty stone blatt • code blue/whisper-touch/wb • patti smith/gloria/arista • stiff little fingers/suspect device/sedgenote • nofx/bottles to the ground/epitaph • marked men/blew my head/dirtnap • screeching weasel/cool kids/fat wreck chords • go betty go/i'm from la/sideonedummy • revillos/yeah yeah/sympathy for the record industry • monks/spotty face/emi • x/i see red/elektra • cock sparrer/riot squad/taang!

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