Aug 01

Playlist (artist/song/label):

minor threat/salad days/dischord • dear landlord/i live in hell/no idea • set your goals/equals/epitaph • jam/all around the world/polydor • shaking hands/liars are for punching/a.d.d. • avail/f.c.a./jade tree • brain failure/coming down to beijing/bad news • this black box/against the odds/sr • broadway calls/midnight hour/sideonedummy • swingin' utters/five lessons learned/fat wreck chords • government issue/time to escape/dr. strange • dogs/19/mercury-phillips • dropkick murphys/get up/hellcat-epitaph • stabilisers/born to kiss arse/wicked cool • hellacopters/bring it on home/liquor and poker • television/elevation/elektra-asylum • pinhead gunpowder/before the accident/recess • pirates/shakin' all over/sr • parasites/ronnie is a psycho/go-kart • methadones/turning up the noise/red scare • suicide commandos/burn it down/island def jam • saints/(i'm) misunderstood/amsterdamned • off with their heads/goddamn job/no idea • stitches/my baby hates me/vinyl dog • good luck/stars were exploding/sr • bare jr./you blew me off/sony • sex pistols/holiday in the sun/wb • holly beth vincent & joey ramone/i got you/wounded bird • adam west/god's gift to women/people like you • static radio/green hoody/black numbers • new york dolls/chatterbox/umg • sonics/boss hoss/norton • pink razors/no secrets/houseplant • lagwagon/b side/fat wreck chords • black flag/rise above/sst • rites of spring/for want of/dischord • chinese telephones/crying in the chapel/it's alive • ruts/s.u.s./emi • revillos/no/sire • revillos/flying saucer attack/sire

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