Aug 07

Playlist (artist/song/label):

minor threat/salad days/dischord • broadway calls/tonight is alive/sideonedummy • anchor down/red ink/solidarity • ramones/i don't wanna grow up/sire • ergs!/books about miles davis/dirtnap • this is hell/the search/think fast! • alkaline trio/fatally yours/vagrant • them/mystic eyes/polydor • excess population/gulfport/sr • no shame/like a bullet/fullstream • lillingtons/all i hear is static/red scare • cramps/human fly/irs • teenage bottlerocket/skate or die/fat wreck chords • ramones/gimme gimme shock treatment/sire • monks/nice legs shame about her face/emi • bad brains/i/roir • marked men/fix my brain/swami • toys that kill/bomb sniffin' dogs/recess • grabass charlestons/i like cats/no idea • nofx/co dependance day/sideonedummy • pinhead gunpowder/2nd street/recess • ann beretta/eye for an eye/lookout! • avail/scufflle town/jade tree • agent orange/everything turns grey/posh boy • this black box/move forward/sr • down goes frazier/black gold red blood/sr • bouncing souls/manthem/epitaph • teen idols/porno shop/fat wreck chords • rousers/magazine girl/torso • damned/born to kill/castle • over stars & gutters/i'd rather be dead/sr • cloak/dagger/walk the block/jade tree • f*cked up/crooked head/matador • shook ones/please read/endwell • up for nothing/it's time to breathe.../winter st. • suicide commandos/shock appeal/island def jam • alice cooper/long way to go/wb • lurkers/in richmond/sos • d.i./money machine/dr. strange • eddie & the hot rods/get out of denver/anagram

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