Sep 04

This show is my 2nd year anniversary of doing the Salad Days show on WRIR!


minor threat/salad days/dischord • jakkpot/burnin' in '77/twenty stone blatt • strike anywhere/orphan age/bridge nine • adrenaline o.d./paul's not home/roir • none more black/drop the pop/fat wreck chords • x/we're desperate/elektra • speedies/let me take your photo/speedy delivery • replacements/color me impressed/twin tone • crime in stereo/small skeletal/bridge nine • zero boys/civilization's dying/panic button • kid dynamite/s.o.s./jade tree • germs/lexicon devil/slash • nakatomi plaza/bomb shelter/sr • wipers/d-7/zeno • pinpoint/richmond/albion • adam west/god's gift to women/people like you • no friends/never ending fight/no idea • buzzcocks/boredom/new hormones • yard trauma/eyes/dionysus • chords/maybe tomorrow/polydor • x-ray spex/obsessed with you/castle • dwarves/is there anybody out there?/tee pee • ringers/33 on 45/1-2-3-4 go! • cloak/dagger/walk the block/jade tree • zatopeks/sophie scholl/are you listening • landmines/excess and indifferent/paper and plastick • voice of addiction/the walls/sr • hawaii mud bombers/hit the beach/wicked cool • ramones/53rd & 3rd/sire • spits/tonight/recess • pagans/cleveland confidential/crypt • rezillos/somebody's gonna get their head kicked in tonight/sire • teenage bottlerocket/skate or die/fat wreck chords • stranglers/london lady/ua • ratchets/rockers taking over/pirate's press • afi/miss murder/interscope • dillinger four/doublewhiskeycokenoice/hopeless • exploding hearts/modern kicks/dirtnap • undertones/mars bar/sire • voids/i don't want to/dr. strange • ergs!/every romance language/no idea • strike anywhere/failed state/bridge nine

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