Sep 18

Playlist (artist/song/label):

minor threat/salad days/dischord • cloak/dagger/don't need a/jade tree • bomb/spaceman/no idea • turbonegro/all of my friends are dead/fontana • jim carrol band/people who died/earl mcgrath • strike anywhere/orphan age/bridge nine • tyrades/i am homicide/sh*tsandwich • impulse international/dedicated to action/dirtnap • ultra dolphins/workhorse/robotic empire • ergs!/i'm in trouble/dirtnap • polar bear club/light of local eyes/bridge nine • jerry's kids/i don't belong/taang! • f.u.'s/boston's finest/taang! • freeze/we make sanity/dr. strange • pink razors/never change/no idea • teenage bottlerockets/don't wanna go/fat wreck chords • x/hungry wolf/elektra • anti-flag/police state in the usa/new red archives • wipers/mystery/zeno • shook ones/smrt/revelation • good luck/west wind ride/sr • leftovers/dance with me/oglio • frank turner/dan's song/epitaph • bad brains/riot squad/caroline • bad brains/never give in/(early demo) • black market baby/world at war/dr. strange • bad religion/in the night/byo • johnny thunder & the heartbreakers/one track mind/jungle • government issue/time to escape/dr. strange • holograms/your ex is turning tricks/teenacide • stiff little fingers/tin soldiers/emi • f-minus/dragons teeth/hellcat • saints/(i'm) misunderstood/amsterdamned • vores/amateur surgeon/family only • sex pistols/bodies/wb • lewd/american wino-justice/liberty/ici • nofx/bottles to the ground/epitaph • turning point/broken/jade tree • uk subs/rebel radio/new red archives • everytime i die/wanderlust/epitaph • stooges/i got a right/siamese dogs • suicide commandos/semi-smart/island def jam

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