Oct 09

Playlist (artist/song/label):

minor threat/salad days/dischord • strike anywhere/invisible colony/bridge nine • no friends/we've got no friends/no idea • pink razors/too obvious/no idea • shook ones/so grown up/revelation • external menace/bullet of persuasion/dr. strange • american steel/safe and sound/fat wreck chords • adam west/god's gift to women/people like you • teenage bottlerocket/don't wanna go/fat wreck chords • zolof the rock & roll destroyer/plays pretty for baby/law of inertia • dead to me/arrhythmic palpitation/fat wreck chords • cococoma/you better beware/goner • gatorface/crash and grab/paper + plastick • government issue/teenager in a box/dr. strange • cloak/dagger/don't need a/jade tree • marked men/fix my brain/dirtnap • banner pilot/greenwood/fat wreck chords • loved ones/the enquirer/fat wreck chords • measure (sa)/portland/kiss of death • afi/medicate/interscope • x/i see red/elektra • f*cked up/david comes to life/jade tree • anouschka et les prives/control/french bootleg • runaways/cherry bomb/umg • liliput/split/rough trade • new bomb turks/dragstrip riot/crypt • twats/piggy/overdose on records • avengers/the american in me/frontier• gee strings/arrest me baby/dead beat • slant 6/soda pop-rip off/dischord • slits/vindictive/strange fruit • johnny& the self abusers/saints and sinners/chiswick • sleeper agent/the sound/sr • no bueno/a song for mike/sr • rocket from the crypt/bring us bullets/vagrant • misfits/death comes ripping/plan 9 • uk subs/emotional blackmail/anarchy • kid dynamite/s.o.s/jade tree • cops/invisible city/mt. fuji • frank turner/try this at home/epitaph • dopamines/molly/it's alive • look mexico/it's been a long time since i smelled beautiful/lujo • bridge & tunnel/call to the comptroller's office/no idea • off with their heads/keep falling down/no idea

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