Oct 15


minor threat/salad days/dischord • dickies/manny, moe & jack/captain oi! • stranglers/tank/ua • ergs!/hey jealousy/dirtnap • good luck/west wind ride/sr • uk subs/rebel radio/new red archives • buzzcocks/everybody's happy nowadays/emi • fake problems/grand finale/sideonedummy • broadway calls/call it off/adeline • marked men/blew my head/dirtnap • briggs/back to higher ground/sideonedummy • off with their heads/keep falling down/no idea • egg hunt/we all fall down/dischord • shaking hands/liars are for punching/a.d.d. • sham 69/if the kids are united/sanctuary • impulse international/automatic breakdown/dirtnap • dictators/faster and louder/elektra • ninja gun/eight miles out/suburban home • cloak/dagger/deathbed rebels/jade tree • rocket from the crypt/bring us bullets/vagrant • flys/love and a molotov cocktail/emi • clash/tommy gun/sony • leatherface/never say goodbye/no idea • loved ones/the inquirer/fat wreck chords • pedals on our pirate ships/i'm sorry, amelia/sr • riot before/oregon trail/paper + plastick • strike anywhere/south central beach party/bridge nine • circle jerks/wild in the streets/porterhouse • beex/he obliterates(me)/wasp • tim barry/downtown vcu/suburban home • black market baby/world at war/dr. strange • subhumans/mickey mouse is dead/fat wreck chords • government issue/caring line/dr. strange • nervous ticks/you're bad/sr • dr. feelgood/roxette/emi • new bomb turks/summer romance/crypt • new york dolls/chatterbox/island def jam • sonics/boss hoss/norton

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