Oct 17

Playlist (artist/song/label):

minor threat/salad days/dischord • descendents/i'm the one/epitaph • strike anywhere/south central beach party/bridge nine • blue cheer/summertime blues/island def jam • ruiner/meat/bridge nine • safes/mental wheelchair/o'brothers' • no friends/loaded question/no idea • didjits/headless/touch and go • lifetime/how we are/jade tree • knockdown/squirrelaholic/kiss of death • matt pond pa/basement parties/altitude • frank turner/try this at home/epitaph • cobra skulls/back to the youth/red scare • this black box/against the odds/forcefield • static radio/fin/black numbers • this black box/starving time/forcefield • screaming females/buried in the nude/don giovanni • against me!/we laugh at danger and break all the rules/no idea • buttocks/nein nein nein/konnekschen • shook ones/carms race/revelation • 999/homicide/emi • dillinger four/minimum wage is a gateway drug/fat wreck chords • code blue/whisper/touch/wb • nothington/where i stand/byo • circle jerks/wild in the streets/porterhouse • off with their heads/i am you/no idea • parasites/top secret/go kart • raised fist/disbelief/burning heart • victor! fix the sun/my friend the guru/friction • teenage bottlerocket/forbidden planet/fat wreck chords • new enemy/tim horton hears a who/sr • none more black/with the transit coat on/fat wreck chords • thee katatonix/basket case/dud spud • nofx/lori meyers/epitaph • adolescents/amoeba/frontier • brainworms/take your medicine/rorschach • damned/new rose/castle • gears/i smoke dope/hep cat

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