Oct 21

It's Fall Fund Drive time at WRIR. If you can, please donate to keep WRIR and shows like Salad Days on the air.
You can donate online HERE
Click the donate now button and it will take you to our secure donation page. Tell them you like Salad Days.

Song Artist Album Label Year
salad days minor threat salad days ep dischord 1985
smash the discos business smash the discos ep secret 1982
rebel radio uk subs complete riot new red archives 1996
radio teenage bottlerocket total red scare 2005
radio, radio elvis costello & the attractions single radar 1978
video killed the radio star joyce manor off all things i will soon grow tired sr 2012
down on the street stooges funhouse elektra 1970
teenage beer drinkin' party teenage head & marky ramone teenage head with marky ramone sonic unyon 2008
i'm not jesus ritchie ramone entitled dc-jam 2013
kill my compass daytrader last days of rome run for cover 2011
sleeper swellers ups and downsizing fueled by ramen 2009
rivalries menzingers chamberlain waits red scare 2010
show me something new broadcaster a million hours jump start 2013
i know last danger end sounds 2013
think i'm gonna powerchords ...think i'm gonna single screen 2008
bleed away arteries relentless 12" ep kiss of death 2013
moving forward teen agers i hate it anchorless 2013
traditional failures no friends traditional failures ep no idea 2011
save this nothington lost along the way red scare 2013
straight to the office copyrights 4 way 21" split black numbers 2012
not anymore dead boys young, loud and snotty sire 1977
i don't wanna be around toys that kill fambly 42 recess 2012
fiction romance buzzcocks another music in a different kitchen ua 1978
permanent vacation new models single modern method 1981
the new bloom endless heights new bloom broken hive 2013
gone all summer cheap girls giant orange rise 2012
little misfit swimming pool qs the deep end db 1981
is there anybody out there dwarves sugarfix sub pop 1993
long way to go alice cooper love it to death wb 1971
mystic eyes them the angry young them decca 1965

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