Nov 02

Lou Reed, Red City Radio, Swellers, Waxahatchee and more...

Dacoit Dan's hot new release of the week: The Last - Danger - End Sounds

Song Artist Album Label Year
salad days minor threat salad days ep dischord 1985
white light/white heat velvet underground white light/white heat verve 1968
vicious lou reed transformer rca 1972
rock and roll lou reed rock and roll animal rca 1974
love song damned machine gun etiquette chiswick 1979
rockers taking over ratchets glory bound pirates press 2006
invisible city cops get good or stay bad mt. fuji 2005
lines are faded time again darker days hellcat 2008
brand new cadillac clash london calling cbs 1979
magazine girl rousers a treat of new beat torso 1979
tearproof undertones hypnotised sire 1980
porno shop teen idols s/t fat wreck 1997
pictures of lily who single track 1967
mystery dance elvis costello & the attractions my aim is true stiff 1977
gloria patti smith horses arista 1975
two notes shy of an octave red city radio titles paper + plastick 2013
stay useless cloud nothings attack of memory carpark 2012
all day and all of the night kinks single reprise 1964
back to the tower direct hit! brainless god red scare 2013
doublewhisketcokenoice dillinger four midwestern songs of america hopeless 1998
bottles to the ground nofx pump up the valuum epitaph 2000
all i hear is static lillingtons the too late show red scare 2006
methadones bored of television not economically viable thick 2004
my xbox got the red ring of death hextalls get smashed rally 2010
any weather joan jett & the blackhearts unvarnished blackheart 2013
cash cab speedy ortiz major arcana carpark 2013
call it off broadway calls s/t adeline 2008
the american in me avengers s/t ep white noise 1979
can't go home varsity wierdos can't come home it's alive 2010
favorite tune swellers the light under closed doors no sleep 2013
show me something new broadcaster a million hours jump start 2013
miracle drug dan vapid & the cheats two torchure chamber 2013
diamond eyes sidekicks akward breeds red scare 2012
i know last danger end sounds 2013
fireman jawbreaker dear you dgc 1995
coast to coast waxahatchee cerulean salt don giovanni 2013

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