Nov 05


minor threat/salad days/dischord • masshysteri/masshysteri del tva/ny vag • bad religion/turn your back on me/epitaph • ninja gun/eight miles out/suburban home • none more black/sinatra after dark/fat wreck chords • good luck/public radio/sr • riot before/a good sense of style/paper + plastick • chords/maybe tomorrow/polydor • be my doppelganger/cha cha chump/it's alive! • germs/lexicon devil/slash • lou reed/rock and roll/rca • street dogs/tobe has a drinking problem/brass tacks • methadones/bored of television/thick • dictators/who will save rock 'n' roll/sr • off with their heads/zzyzx/epitaph • avail/simple song/jade tree • great explainer/codeine...bourbon/chunksahh • dmz/mighty idy/sepia tone • defiance, ohio/her majesty's midwestern islands/no idea • stranglers/no more heroes/ua • fake problems/soulless/sideonedummy • x-ray spex/the day the world turned day-glo/castle • fear of lipstick/correction facility/it's alive! • powerchords/think i'm gonna/single screen • revelevens/punk rock show/sr • dickies/nights in white satin/captain oi! • hextalls/we're the castle crashers/rally • anti-flag/davey destroyed the punk scene/new red archives • grabass charlestons/dale/no idea • adverts/gary gilmore's eyes/devil's own jukebox • bad brains/riot squad/roir • wipers/d-7/zeno • crime in stereo/small skeletal/bridge nine • freeze/talking bombs/dr.strange • dopamines/cincinnati harmony/paper + plastick • count me out/stakes is high/indecision • delay/ dark red courage/salinas

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