Nov 23

Briggs, Mission of Burma, Delay, Brutal Knights and more...

Dacoit Dan's hot new release of the week: Swearin' - Surfing Strange - Salinas

Song Artist Album Label Year
salad days minor threat salad days ep dischord 1985
playin' around jetty boys let 'er rip kid tested 2013
shoplifting at macys briefs sex objects byo 2004
dark red courage delay plain language salinas 2009
suicidal generation vicious single cage match 2005
every romance language ergs! split ep no idea 2007
pay to cum bad brains single bad brain 1980
underground girl blondie blonde and beyond sire 1978
my brown friend rippers why should i care about you slovenly 2010
not for me autistic youth nonage dirtnap 2013
back to the tower direct hit! brainless god red scare 2013
love and a molotov cocktail flys single emi 1978
caskets full flatliners dead language fat wreck 2013
knocking down guardrails tina peel pajama party! sin 1976
cincinnati harmony dopamines expect the worst paper + plastick 2010
police state in the usa anti-flag die from the government new red archives 1996
we're the castle crashers hextalls get smashed rally 2010
nights in white satin dickies dawn of the dickies a&m 1979
pull down the shades toy love s/t deluxe 1980
show me something new broadcaster a million hours jump start 2013
correction facility fear of lipstick s/t it's alive 2010
black salt western addiction pines single fat wreck 2013
dust in the dust sack swearin' surfing strange salinas 2013
i hate the city bob burns & the breakups terminal breakdown gearhead 2003
bloodstains agent orange living in darkness posh boy 1981
take breaks brutal knights blown 2 completion deranged 2010
frantic romantic scientists pissed on another planet bomp! 1979
blow it south white lung single deranged 2013
forty degrees banner pilot heart beats pacific fat wreck 2011
mystery wipers is this real zeno 1980
back to higher ground briggs back to higher ground sideonedummy 2006
cash cab speedy ortiz major arcana carpark 2013
when i write my master's thesis john k. samson provoncial anti- 2012
final solution pere ubu single hearthan 1976
the set up mission of burma onoffon matador 2004
bogus journey iron chic the constant one bridge nine 2013
the invisible man vindictives the many moods of the vindictives vml 1991
how do i get to you? masked intruder s/t red scare 2012
best friends outlets outlets rock sr 1981
dawn after the wreck roman line morning portraits merman 2010
hey hey, i'm worn out cheap girls my roaring 20's paper + plastick 2009

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