Dec 04


minor threat/salad days/dischord • descendents/i'm the one/epitaph • young livers/a shortness of breath/no idea • briggs/back to higher ground/sideonedummy • cloak/dagger/deathbed rebels/jade tree • failures' union/the fall man/paper + plastick • fast/girls in gangs/bullseye • impact/punk christmas/cyanide • strike anywhere/south central beach party/bridge nine • dead to me/modern muse/fat wreck chords • averkiou/wasted and high/no idea • grabass charlestons/dale/no idea • dillinger four/doublewhiskeycokenoice/hopeless • landmines/hookerpiss/paper + plastick • buzzcocks/harmony in my head/emi • ladies/can't come in/cowabunga • sham 69/if the kids are united/castle • our new nation/bang-a-rang/sr • gears/i smoke dope/hepcat • leftovers/telephone operator/crappy • static radio/marc/black numbers • queers/ursula finally has tits/suburban home • business/smash the discos/taang! • black flag/i've had it/sst • bad brains/pay to cum/bad brain • s.o.a./gonna hafta fight/dischord • minor threat/in my eyes/dischord • scream/came without warning/dischord • government issue/time to escape/dr. strange • void/who are you?/dischord • black market baby/world at war/dr. strange • agent orange/bloodstains/posh boy • stranglers/tank/ua • minutemen/bob dylan wrote propaganda songs/sst • gaslight anthem/i could've been a contender/xoxo • unwanted/1984/raw • uk subs/emotional blackmail/anarchy • ann beretta/eye for an eye/lookout! • rocket from the crypt/bring us bullets/vagrant • from ashes rise/they/jade tree • this black box/against the odds/sr • snack truck/presence charm/rorschach • worn in red/when people have something to say/no idea • for science/way out of control/it's alive • replacements/run it/twin tone • ramones/gimme gimme shock treatment/sire • bob burns & the breakups/i hate the city/gearhead

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